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​Setting Up a PagerClick Here for PDFTest a Pager Click Here for PDF
​Setting Up an Email Click Here for PDF​Test an Email AddressClick Here for PDF
​Setting Up Text MessagingClick Here for PDF​Test a Text MessageClick Here for PDF
​Setting Up a Radio ChannelClick Here for PDF​Test a Radio Channel Click Here for PDF
​Printout for OutputsClick Here for PDF
​ ​ ​ ​Configuration
​Create a RouteClick Here for PDF​Print Route(s)Click Here for PDF
​Create a Shared ListClick Here for PDF​Print Shared List(s)Click Here for PDF
​Setup a Call StationClick Here for PDF​Print Device(s)Click Here for PDF
​Create a Schedule/ShiftClick Here for PDF​Print Schedule(s)/Shift(s)Click Here for PDF
​Configure Wired LightsClick Here for PDF​Setup CommunicationsClick Here for PDF
​Add a Wireless Light ModuleClick Here for PDFUse of Wireless Lights For Other DevicesClick Here for PDF
​Add a Wireless Audio Module - MP3Click Here for PDF​Use of Wireless Audio Module For Other Devices Click Here for PDF
​Add a Data FieldClick Here for PDF​Add Indicators - PSMClick Here for PDF
​Add a ProcessClick Here for PDF​Add a CountClick Here for PDF
Add a Machine Down AlarmClick Here for PDFUpdate or Configure a DeviceClick Here for PDF
​Add an Audio FileClick Here for PDF​Delete an Audio FileClick her for PDF
​Test an Audio FileClick here for PDF​Audio Files Not PlayingClick Here for PDF
​Add a New User GroupClick Here for PDF​Add a New UserClick Here for PDF
​Configure Windows FirewallClick Here for PDF​Restart VT3000 ServiceClick Here for PDF
Remote Desktop SettingsClick Here for PDF​Backup VersaCall DatabasesClick Here for PDF
​Email Settings - SMTP ServerClick Here for PDF
​Using Active InformationClick Here for PDF​Using Device StatusClick Here for PDF
Log FilesClick Here for PDFFirmware Update - Wireless - Call StationClick Here for PDF
Firmware Update - Wireless - PSM, TIM & BSCClick Here for PDF​Firmware Update - Manual - PSM, TIM & BSCClick Here for PDF